Philip C. Hart’s work is based in an exploration of pattern recognition, which is fundamental to language and intelligence. He is concerned with the fragility and malleability of consciousness. The composition of his mobiles is based on form, order, and balance.
His mobiles are constructed with simple materials: wire, sheet metal, and fishing line. Components are joined as sequential cantilevers, reinforcing an underlying 2D pattern. Using fishing line rather than a more conventional wire hook-and-loop connection, each component rotates freely relative to its neighbors. The fishing line is minimally visible; the compositions appear to float in space.
The materials and scale of the work affords an element of interactivity; walking up to a piece generates enough air movement to activate it. Set in motion, new patterns evolve in 3D space.
In the vocabulary of this work, motion is a much a subject of it as is its composition.

Philip C. Hart lives with his wife in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.